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Montessori Academy Bangkok International School (MABIS) offers students a well-rounded, profound and fun learning experience delivered through a trilingual Montessori program.  Students learn English, Mandarin and Thai in our language emersion program that serves Preschool through Grade 6. 

Montessori education prepares children for life. The curriculum is designed with children’s natural developmental needs in mind.  Children engage in auto-education through an interdisciplinary and a multi-intelligence approach.  Their classrooms are a mixed-age community of learners which allow children to learn from one another, to co-exist in harmony and to contribute to their society.

Through the Montessori curriculum, children not only acquire a solid foundation in traditional academic skills such as literacy and mathematics, they are exposed to much more.  Students learn and appreciate the vastness of the universe, the diversity of cultures, plant and animal life, the interdependency and interconnectedness of everything around them.  They gain an ecological world view that allows them to develop into responsible citizens and leaders of the world.

We invite you to explore our site and find out more about our school, our campus and our mission.  You can call us to book a tour of the school.

Parent Testimonials

  • "My two children attended MABIS for a period of three years.  The peaceful and joyful environment made learning fun.  The teachers are exceptional, they know each child inside out and make them progress in an astonishing way.  My kids could not wait to go to school in the morning.  The efficiency of MABIS is even more noticeable when you leave the school and attend other programs.  We were unfortunately transferred and had to leave, my children are now attending another school were they are both top of their class, their logic, their curiosity and independence is striking compared to their comrades.

    After three years at MABIS, they are independent and fascinating little people eager to learn more. They are fluent in English and have a solid foundation in Mandarin from MABIS.”   

    Parent of Amelia and Antonin

  • “Taas has been with MABIS for almost 3 years.  Before deciding on the school, we investigated over 10 schools and we found MABIS best suited Taas.  We didn't know much about Montessori at first.  At that time, we were looking for a caring kindergarten.  So, being small and attentive were good factors for us.  We love everything about the school.  

    As time passed, we were even more pleased with Taas's development, thanks to the well thought out curriculum, encouraging environment and engaging team of teachers that allowed Taas to grow into the person we are proud of today.  

    Then, we began to learn more about Montessori.  His social skills and general knowledge are wonderful.  We love the principles and approaches of Montessori toward children.  We feel that education should not be about pressuring children for knowledge or passing exams and it should not burden children with loads of homework.  Education should be about how a child understands life and things around him.  The fire in Taas’s eyes and his desire to learn more are enough evidence.  He has a very positive attitude towards the world and  is sensitive towards people.  He speaks fluently in all 3 languages and we can literally see his progress day by day.”

    Parents of Taas

  • “Our daughter started at MABIS in January 2011 in the Toddler program and is now in Casa. We were attracted to the school because of the tri-lingual offer, the clean and neat classrooms in a homey and inviting environment.  And most of all the care, thought and natural logic of the Montessori way, how all the "play" materials in class had a purpose, how each "lesson" naturally led on to the next "lesson". Our child has blossomed throughout the past 3 years. Through her, we see that we got what we expected from the program and much more. Self-motivated, a deep concentration and focus, considerate, well-mannered, an eager and enthusiastic learner who is able to converse in all 3 languages effortlessly and seamlessly. We thank the school and the teachers for helping to shape her.”

    Parents of Chanya

  • "It has been a wonderful experience with Jasmin joining MABIS.  In her first term in the school, we have seen her grow so much intellectually and she is so much more confident now.  She looks forward daily to go to school and as a parent, I am so pleased to see her happy and being so well looked after in a warm environment. The teachers have done an amazing job and I hope they will carry on the good work they do."

    Gilbert Lim, Parent of Jasmin (Toddler student)

  • “Our son, Jacob, has been attending MABIS for the last three months and we are delighted with his first school experience. We have noticed massive transformations in his behaviour and life skills already and he is always happy and content and loves going to school. It is never a problem for him to go to school and he always rushes to be first in class so he can feed the goldfish. The curriculum focuses on early life skills at his age and he is learning fast, enjoying the languages and having a lot of fun.”

    Parents of Jacob (Toddler student)

  • "A child's exploration of life's journey begins as soon as they are send to a learning institution and in the care of its educators.  Our best decision by far was to enroll our son at Montessori Academy Bangkok International School(MABIS).  Here, not only do we see him experience the joy of learning on a daily basis but also grow into an independent and capable young person. With the help and guidance from his teachers, our son continues to develop to his best potential in all facets of life."

    Parent of Yannick

MABIS Organic Farm

Appreciation of ecology and the workings of the natural cycles of life and the elements are a core component of the Montessori curriculum.  MABIS, in consultation with Thai Organic Farm, is extending this learning process by offering students an organic farming experience on campus.

Students will learn about the benefits of organic farming from an ecological and health perspective.  They will appreciate the theories behind organic farming and be involved in all aspects of farming from planning what to produce, making compost to fertilize the soil, preparing the soil, growing seedlings, planting, caring, harvesting, consuming and selling their produce


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Dear Parents - we are pleased to announce the MABIS Summer Camp for June-August 2016.  Please see the attached brochure for details.  Spaces are limited.  Applications are accepted on a

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