There’s nothing like the texture of a freshly made chocolate. Crunchy on the outside protecting a soft sensual flavored ganache to make you feel at home or even take you to an exotic place you never explored. Here at Cocoa Haus we combine the talent of our experienced chefs and great produce to provide chocolate lovers from all over with a selection of simple and elegant pralines, truffles and bon bons. We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to hear from you soon.

About Us

With experience in producing Chocolates and pastries for over 10 years, our team at Cocoa Haus has worked with various cliental from all industries and events. Using imported Cocoa (Dark, Milk and White Chocolate) we produce chocolates and pastries that keep our customer at bliss and asking for more. Specialized in producing hand-made chocolates, our favourite process would have to be infusing flavors. Whether it be a standard Dark Hazelnut Gianduja, Milk Almond Rocher, Dark Orange Chocolate Ganache and further more, we also have many in-house favourites like Dark Thai Chilli, Thai Iced Tea and Marc De Champagne Ganache flavors. Experimenting with many ingredients has taken us to new heights of creation. With a combination of all that we are also competitive on price.

We cater to private orders and occasionally you will find our pop up store at booths on certain events yearly. Email or call us for your order!




Cocoa Haus would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentines 2015. A day full of love, roses and chocolates. Why chocolate? It is told Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, together this provides a small mental boost which stimulates our nervous system, increases blood pressure and the heart rate, all these feeling together give a lady the same experience as being "in love" also known as the release of endorphines in the brain. Men, a box of chocolates is the way to that special lady's heart.

Contact us for your box of Chocolates for this Valentines Day.

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